QSC ISO Tank container
An ISO Tank container is a steel pressure vessel built to ISO standards. It is held in ISO frame that is used for the storage and transportation of bulk liquids. An ISO tank container is suitable for different modes of transportation, such as container ships, trucks and rail. It can be easily loaded and unloaded. Once the unloading is complete, the tank container will be cleaned thoroughly at a cleaning facility, and then it will can continue to serve the next load. A tank container provides a safe and cost-effective mode to transport bulk liquids to most locations around the world
QSC Tank offer three general types of ISO tank configurations:
  • Standard Tanks - the most common type and are fully contained within a welded frame.
  • Beam Tanks - sometimes known as unframed containers as the tank itself is welded to the ends of the frame.
  • Swap Tanks - have a bigger tank body which is larger than the frame, usually 23 or 25 feet long
QSC ISO Tank container
QSC ISO Tank container
Our tank containers are manufactured in accordance with the following ISO classifications :
  • T1 Tank (beverages/light liquids)
  • T4 Tank (edible/non-edible oils)
  • T11 Tank (non-hazardous chemicals)
  • T14 Tank (hazardous chemicals)
  • T50 Tank (LPG/propane/ammonia)
  • T75 Tank (LNG/LO2/LN2/LAr/LC2H4/LCO2)
  • ISO Swap Tank (large capacity storage up to 35,000 liters)
  • ISO Rubber Lined Tank (acid based chemicals)
  • ISO Cement Tank
  • ISO Bitumen Tank
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ISO Tank containers