QSC Cryogenic tank LNG
QSC cryogenic tank LNG
Cryogenic vessels are large steel tank that store gases at liquid state at extremely low temperature. This form of storage significantly raises the payload of gases in a reduced amount of storage space. Liquefied gases are used in various industries, such as manufacturing, medical, electronics, and energy industry. Today, more and more of these liquefied gases are delivered to the customers. These extremely cold liquid are then stored in cryogenic tanks for later use.

QSC cryogenic tanks are built and tested in accordance with the ASME Section VII Div 1 standard. Each tank is double-walled with insulating material filled inside. We offer a wide range of tank sizes to meet the customer's need.

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Vertical Cryogenic Tanks 



QSC crynogenic tank vertical LNG
QSC cryogenic tank