Quality Specialty Components (QSC) was established in 1993 with a simple business objective in mind: offering the best products at the best quality, service, and pricing.  This credo has built a foundation for over 20 years of our success.  We are committed to total customer satisfaction.  Our persistence to strive for excellence and innovation has led us to gradually and successfully expand our product lines, allowing us to offer more purchasing options and better product solutions.



Our cumulative experience gives us the unique ability to meet the diverse requirements of our customers.  All of our tanks and vessels are designed and built to the latest international standards.  We have a team of certified engineers, fabricators, and welders who are committed to making the highest quality products in full compliance with regulatory codes.  From design and engineering, to manufacturing and construction, we have the know-how and capabilities to fulfill your requirements.


All these add up to one thing: Giving you the competitive edge when buying our tanks and vessels.